“I believe that the community – in the fullest sense: a place and all its creatures – is the smallest unit of health and that to speak of the health of an isolated individual is a contradiction in terms.”  Wendell Berry

Update September 2019

We have now moved to a small town 45 minutes south of San Francisco with a more robust public school for our children, and for future families interested in community building with us.

As we get our bearings, we’ve rented an older 3-4 bedroom home and regularly host 2-3 guests from around the world.  Most people stay 1-3 months.

We’ve put on hold the idea of building a larger residential community as land is incredibly expensive here. 

To learn about our current efforts in this new town outside of Silicon Valley, send an email to us HERE

Update June 2019

We are sad to leave the one-of-a-kind community we found just 12 miles north of San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the permanent resident population has been steadily declining, with the public school now down to about 85 kids in the K-8 grades, down from about 250 twenty years ago.   

A big part of our hearts will remain in beautiful Stinson Beach and Bolinas.  We spent the last year and a half meeting and working with some great folks in an effort to change the trajectory of both towns and their shared public school. 

If the school can become a destination (its high funding and low student-teacher ratio are unparalleled) and the towns can implement common sense short term rental regulation, their future will be altered.  

We’ve hopefully planted some seeds of change which we’ll continue to tend.  Our fingers are crossed that those seeds will sprout.

To learn more about our past Stinson Beach and Bolinas efforts you can go here:


Update January 2018

The San Francisco Bay Area – After looking around for several years we’ve settled on a location for an intentional residential community and educational center.  Our Values and Practices pages on this site help describe what it would be like.  To quickly get a sense of our vision, Sirius Community is an established project that is perhaps the closest to our vision that we’ve seen.

Our selection criteria were as follows:

  • A country with English as the main language.
  • Close to a vibrant, progressive major metropolitan area – in this case San Francisco.
  • In a natural environment.
  • With a well supported, high-quality K-8 public school.
  • Ideally, near the coast.

We’re exploring ways 8-12 “residences” (technically a large “deconstructed” home with inlaw and worker housing) could be created on agricultural land here sharing a single well/water meter, possibly with the underlying land owned by a trust.

The town:

The inspiring story about how this area managed to escape development:

Stream the film here: http://rebelsdocumentary.org/buy/home

And read more here: http://martingriffin.org/videos/

And the Bolinas lagoon:

Update August 2017.

Madrid News – As of late December/January 1, 2018 the 1-3 bedroom main floor unit in our five unit prototype community is opening up for a short or long-term sublet.  Click here to see photos of the Main Home & Grounds  We’re heading back to the San Francisco Bay Area next.

Update June 2017.

Website Update – changes to the “Values” page and newly added “Influences” page.  Consider everything a work in progress – a “draft.”

Update May 2017.

Wanted: Part-Time Teachers for an experimental after-school program in Madrid that integrates mindfulness practices into the curriculum.

We’re looking for part-time teachers from the mindfulness practice community to help create summer, holiday, after-school and weekend educational programs for children ages 3 and up.

A good example of an inspiring program that uses mindfulness practices is this project: Mindful Music  They use music and reflection tools to teach awareness, attention and teamwork skills.  Another inspiring program is Yoguitos who are leading a summer camp program on site.

We’re open to all ideas.   This may include music, art, dance, movement, drama, sports, and emotional intelligence building activities.

There is currently a Montessori style “Mother of the Day” school on the property for up to six children age 1 to 3.  Sonrisas Montessori.

We see an immediate need for an after-school program that could be operated for up to 12 children in our newly completed multipurpose space and lawn area.  It would be on weekdays from 4pm to 6pm starting in September.

If you live in or near Madrid and have educational ideas that you’d like to share or experiment with, please contact us for a visit.

Our email is: welcome@communityformindfulliving.com

Update April 2017.

Our Madrid Prototype Project is progressing well and we welcome visitors.  We’re almost full with about 15 individuals (a family of 5, 4-6 “woofers”, 2 apartments for guests, and an additional studio (now a Mamá de Día Montessori school) staying on the property at any point in time.  We encourage interested people and families to live within walking or biking distance (or a very short commute) so they can be part of our community and regularly join us.  As we are in a city, there are many nearby housing options within just a few city blocks.

Expansion Possibilities:

  • 1200, 1600 and 90,000 square meter empty lots nearby away that could be available for more farming.

Update October 2016.

We’ve secured an unusual 5 unit property in the center of Madrid, Spain on three adjacent sunny lots and are opening it to short and long term residents interested in helping create and maintain an urban organic farm.  It will be a demonstration project like this farm in Los Angeles.

In addition to a large 3 bedroom main unit, there are three large studios, and a small three bedroom apartment.   There is about 300 square meters of outdoor growing space, a swimming pool, and another 200 square meters of unused light industrial/multi-use space with 4 meter high ceilings.  There are a number of unbuilt lots within walking distance should we need more growing space.

If you are interested in living with us as a community member and/or “WOOFER,” please free to Contact us.

Initial Update August 2016.

The purpose of this website is to lay out a vision, attract interested people, and then connect them together and share best practices in an effort to make something happen.  It will take time, likely years.  Like a start-up, it is important to get a good team in place with all the crucial skill sets covered, without which we can all waste a lot of time and energy.  Based on responses to date, there seems to be building interest in several areas of the world.  Eventually, we’ll begin connecting these folks using an online discussion tool such as Loomio or Slack.

  1. Europe – Spain, the UK, and Ireland.
  2. The US East Coast – from the Mid-Atlantic to New England.
  3. The US/Canadian West Coast – From Monterey, CA to Vancouver, BC.
  4. New Zealand and Australia.