Our Approaches to Parenting, Education, Being in Community.

This is a place we’ve put down many of the influences that have led to creating this community.  Spending time here will give you a better sense of the broader vision.  We embrace some of these influences more fully than others.

An Important Approach to Everything (give the video a little time)

Our Parenting Style

Love and Logic explained (with other summaries):

No Drama Discipline Overview:

On Community Building

Two Communities We Admire

Nurturing Growth Mindsets

Reinventing Education

Differentiated Education and Nurturing “Agency”

Ray Dalio’s work on a Openness, Thoughtful Disagreement, and Idea Meritocracy

Videos here:  

  1. “Company Culture and the Power of Thoughtful Disagreement” 
  2. “Culture of Openness”
  3. Their 6 recruiting videos toward the bottom of the page.


The parenting dilemmas raised, regarding balancing modern influences on children, in the Captain Fantastic film resonate strongly.