Our Approaches to Parenting, Education, Being in Community.

This is a place we’ve put down a few of the many of the influences that have led to creating our community.  Spending time here will give you a better sense of the broader vision.  We embrace some of these influences more fully than others.

An Important Approach to Everything (give the video a little time)

Our Parenting Style

Love and Logic explained (with other summaries):

No Drama Discipline Overview:

On Community Building

Two Communities We Especially Admire

Nurturing Growth Mindsets

Reinventing Education

Differentiated Education and Nurturing “Agency”

Ray Dalio’s work on a Openness, Thoughtful Disagreement, and Idea Meritocracy

Videos here:  

  1. “Company Culture and the Power of Thoughtful Disagreement” 
  2. “Culture of Openness”
  3. Career and recruiting videos.


The parenting dilemmas raised, regarding balancing modern influences on children, in the Captain Fantastic film resonate strongly.