“Community is a sign that love is possible in a materialistic world where people so often either ignore or fight each other. It is a sign that we don’t need a lot of money to be happy–in fact, the opposite.” Jean Vanier

Active Pilot Projects:

1. Madrid Pilot Project – A five unit Urban Farm Project in Madrid is now active with the opportunity for others to join us by moving, given we’re in a city, to very close proximity to us.  Wwoofers and short and long term guests are invited.   Please contact us if interested in visiting.

2. California Pilot Project.  In 2011, we converted a well located 4 unit Berkeley, CA property into a small cohousing community for 8 adults and 5 children.  Currently, there are no openings, though we eventually hope to acquire the two adjacent properties, ultimately growing to 10-12 homes.  Contact us to be alerted when openings become available.

Additionally, were collecting names and email addresses of people interested in this style of community living in other parts of the world.  As critical mass builds, we’ll connect people together.

1. Spain, UK and Ireland Projects.  We think it makes sense to locate an initial European project in Ireland (and/or the UK), or in Spain.  A critical mass of motivated people is necessary to make these projects happen.  Please add your name to our mailing list for updates and so we can begin to connect you all together.

Spain seems to be a logical country for a community attractive to many European Union citizens.  The weather is moderate and after English, Spanish is an attractive second language.

Ireland has a well established “Ecovillage” ( with great demographics (50 custom built homes with 35 kids) and existing infrastructure (roads, permits, districtwide heating, gardens, food forest etc.).  80 lots remain to be built out, making this a serious option for establishing a new community.

2. San Francisco Bay Area. We see an increasing interest in a large 20+ unit project in the SF Bay Area and there is sufficient individual interest to now begin planning land acquisition.

3. Vancouver, BC Area. Canada is to some more attractive than the US, for many reasons.  We suspect there is enough interest to create a large 20+ unit project in or near Vancouver.

4. College Town Projects.   Based on the current interest, and many people’s budgets, we’re exploring several “College Towns” where prices are likely to be 25-50% less than a more popular major metropolitan area like San Francisco or Boston.  We feel this sort of place can attract cultural and economic diversity, be small enough for easy access to nature and a more human pace,  and be especially well suited for families with children. We’ve identified an excellent and rare east coast site in Northampton MA adjacent to Smith College.  Contact us for more information.